Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sree Kanteswaram and Sree Bramhakulangara Temple

Sree Kanteswaram Temple
Sree Kanteswaram, as the name suggests, is an ancient SHIVA temple and is located almost 2 km down to west from Sree Koodalmanikyam Temple. SHIVARATHRI is the main festival being celebrated annually by an elected committee of nearby residents with the Co-operation of the people in and around Kanteswaram. Kanteswaram is located within the jurisdiction of Irinjalakuda Municipality. The present committee is doing their job to the utmost satisfaction of the devotees by providing them the required amenities. Aspectual growth in number of devotees shows the attitude of the committee towards the temple administration.

Sree Bramhakulangara Temple
Sree Bramhakulangara Sree Krishna Temple is an ancient Sree Krishna Temple situated approximately 400 meters west of Sree Kanteswaram under the same committee of Sree Kanteswaram Temple. Sree Krishna Janmashtami is the main festival celebrated by the temple that signifies the birth of lord Krishna, the 09th incarnation - POORNA PUNYA AVATHARAM -  of the almighty god Vishnu. During the festival, the Co-operation of the people, from all walks of life, from around the temple is to be appreciated for their like-mindedness. The pond, Bramhakulam from which the name of the temple, Bramhakulangara, has been derived, located at the west is an added beauty of divinity for the devotees, which was once used by the devotees to bathe before entering into the temple.