Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pilgrimage through Temples

It was 0430 hrs, early in the morning, of 02 July 2011, an ordinary day, that myself and one of my friends, who is also a distant relative of mine, started our expedition to the nearby temples, as we had decided on the previous day. Travelling in a most expensive vehicle, an auto-rickshaw, was quite nice an experience that too in a rainy season, but to our surprise, the clouds were reluctant to pour the drops due to some reasons unknown, maybe helping us. 
Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple_Main Entrance 
Being from Irinjalakuda, Koodalmanikyam Temple was the first destination. It was the time of "Nirmallyam" -  removal of floral and ornamental decorations of the previous day - which is considered as one of the best timings. I have been doing this expedition for the last six years at least once in every year, the only difference being that, this time I have a blog to tell the world about what I am doing.

Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple_Maadathilappan Main Shrine

Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple_Cherpu
PERUVANAM is the most sacred place due to the significance of the temple.One of the specialties that I found is that this temple has two main shrines consisting of three deities , unlike many other temples. One of the two shrines has two sanctum sanctorum on both west and east of the shrine. In this, the main deity is God Shiva - Irattayappan, facing towards east whereas the west is occupied by Goddess Parvathy. The other shrine is exclusively for God Shiva - Maadathilappan - that is located at a different altitude to reach which, you have to climb up around 20 - 25 steps. MAHASIVARATHRI is the main celebration of this temple. This temple is maintained and protected by the Archaeological Department of India. The veteran, the living legend, Chenda Mela Vidagdan, Padma award winner Kuttan Marar known as Peruvanam Kuttan, is a nearby resident, is lucky enough to carry the name of temple as he otherwise is.
Thayamkulangara Subrahmanya Temple
Thayamkulamgara - Pazhani of Kerala. Situated diagonally opposite to Peruvanam Temple. This temple celebrates "Thaippooya Maholasavam" annually from the time unknown to the history. 
Oorakathamma Thiruvadi Temple_Oorakam
Oorakam Ammathiruvadi Temple is an ancient Devi temple situated around 04 KMS down from Peruvanam Temple towards Irinjalakuda. Sakthan Thampuran the then King of Kochi State, the central part of Kerala, have had a direct connection with this temple, which the elders still have in their minds, exaggerations will be excused for their innocence, to share with the children.
Kottamkulangara Mahavishnu Temple
Kottamkulangara Sree Mahavishnu Temple is situated further down to Irinjalakuda. This is the one and only Mahavishnu Temple in the locality. The symmetric reflection of the temple in the pond, that is located in front of the temple, is very catchy and divine too, especially in the evenings when the traditional temple lamps are alive.
Arattupuzha Dharmasastha Temple

an announcement about the ongoing celebrations_at Arattupuzha Dharmasastha Temple
Arattupuzha is a very famous Sastha Temple, which shares its west with a beautiful river while the east with an immense area of paddy field. This temple is always filled with devotees from the locality and from the nearby towns. The history of Hindu Mythology says that, during the festival of this temple, there will be the presence of the 33 Crore Gods, the significance of 33 will be detailed later, in which Triprayar Thevar - Triprayar Sree Rama Swamy - is the main and important participant.

Vettukunnathukavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple_Main Entrance at East

Vettukunnathukavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple_Panoramic View
Vettukunnathukavu Sree Bhagavthy Temple is located near the "bungalow" bus stop on the way to Irinjalakuda. This temple is always crowded with the devotees of Sree Bhagavathy.

This is the last temple visited today and its 0745 hrs. The time is not suitable as most of the temple shrines will be closed for offerings. We will continue this, so will be informed.